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Creating Test Cases with AI for Mobile App Testing

AI can be used to enhance mobile app testing in multiple ways. Let’s discuss a lesser-known application that saves testers time.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into mobile app testing has ushered in a transformative era of efficiency and effectiveness in the software quality assurance process. In a world where mobile applications have become indispensable to our daily lives, ensuring their reliability and performance is paramount. AI-driven testing techniques and tools offer a dynamic range of possibilities. From automated test case generation to intelligent reporting tools, making the mobile app testing process not only faster but also more thorough and accurate. This marriage of AI and mobile app testing promises to streamline the development lifecycle. It  also paves the way for more robust, user-friendly, and resilient mobile applications in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Let’s discuss a less well-known application of AI in the mobile app testing industry: using AI to create test cases from project management tools, specifically Atlassian/JIRA.  

SofySense: an AI-powered Testing Assistant 

The tool used in this use-case example is Sofy’s AI offering, SofySense. SofySense is a powerful AI-driven assistant, powered by OpenAI, designed to help QA teams enhance productivity and accuracy for mobile app testing. Users are able to chat with SofySense using natural language queries, much like Siri or Alexa, to enhance the testing process at multiple stages.  

Turning Confluence Pages into Test Automations with Several Clicks 

To begin, users simply integrate SofySense with Atlassian so that the AI assistant can view your team’s Confluence pages. After selecting the page your team wants to scan, SofySense will then read your content and provide steps for your test case with the click of a button. A series of steps is then generated. Users are able to easily edit the steps as needed and turn them into a manual test case. If automation is desired, this manual test case can be turned into an automation with equal simplicity.  

This new AI-enhanced option saves QA teams hours of former busywork, freeing up time and human resources for more important tasks at hand. Read more about how SofySense can enhance your mobile app testing process on our documentation page or by downloading our guide on AI and mobile app testing.