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Sofy’s 2023 Year in Review

In 2023 Sofy delivered its best year in regards to security, integration, innovation, and efficiency with AI-powered no-code QA testing.

What a year 2023 has been!

Sofy delivered its best year to date in terms of customer adoption, usage, new features, and innovation awards. We would like to thank Sofy’s customers who believed in No-Code test automation as a means to increasing their engineering productivity.  Some of the 2023 highlights include:

Established a Second Data Center in Texas

Last August Sofy opened its second data center in Dallas-Fort worth area and set up our US customer success team. Now with the latest Android and iOS devices in two different locations, Sofy provides 99.99% availability with redundancy in two data centers. By processing over three million tests on hundreds of devices, Sofy has been able to scale our infrastructure for our customers.

Sofy Continues to Offer Best in Class No-Code Automation for Mobile Apps

Sofy delivered over 100+ features. These features include visual matching (AI powered element ID matching to remove flakiness in dynamic content – you can forget the locators now. The latest devices were available immediately for testing. Improvements also include improved test data management, added resilience and high availability with devices (99.99% device availability). existing customers utilize our bi-monthly updates with high customer satisfaction.

Integrating with other DevOPS Solutions

In August 2023 we announced our integration with DataDog.  Customers can monitor their mobile application experience on real devices through this well-known platform. Today Sofy is monitoring some of the top consumer apps, including cruise ships, to monitor low latency environments. We continued our enhancements to other existing integrations like Jira, confluence, Bitrise, Azure DevOPs, Jenkins, TestRails, etc.

Becoming SOC2 Compliant:

Sofy reached a big milestone with our SOC2 Type II certification which helps enterprise security reviews.  Gratitude to our partner, StrikeGraph for doing external audit. With this SOC2 certification we are now at the highest level of certification for DevOPS tools.

Generative AI and Software Testing:

At Sofy we believe in innovation and its power to constantly look at how we improve overall QA efficiency. In April 2023 we announced Co-Pilot, an AI powered solution that can generate test cases directly from functional specifications, convert manual tests to automations with a click of button and generate code using OpenAI.

Winning Recognition

Sofy is proud to have won the 2023 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx. Sofy’s use cases for enabling QA team members to use Generative AI in day to day use has enable next level of innovation .

Looking Ahead to 2024 and Beyond

At Sofy our focus continue to bring efficiency for QA teams, and we couldn’t be more excited about 2024 and innovation that we have planned. We believe that mobile app development team need a single solution for all their mobile app testing needs – from device testing, automation, accessibility, security, performance and localization. In 2024 we continue to strive to unify these many solutions as a single suite powered by AI.

Thank you again for providing us amazing feedback and helping us deliver a great 2023. We look forward to yet more innovation in 2024!