New feature: SofySense – Manual test case & test results AI generator to help you speed up your testing process. Try it today.  

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Introducing SofySense: AI Assistant to Speed Up Your Testing Process

Powered by the latest in AI technology, SofySense is the next step in the No-Code Revolution. Try SofySense today.

The future of testing has arrived. As of today, you’ll now be able to leverage AI to accelerate your testing process with SofySense, now available on the Sofy platform. How do QA teams keep up with the demand for new app releases and features? Mobile app testing is complex, repetitive and manual but not impossible to transform.  

I’m excited to share that you no longer need to juggle writing code, gather test results, research all the possible test cases, implement feedback and debug while trying to meet deadlines.

For the very first-time developers will now be able to enhance their testing strategy with faster test results, augment test creations, and be able to find answers when they need it with SofySense!  

World’s first software testing platform that integrates AI and no-code automation

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The QA process involves a lot of steps, like a review of requirements, planning phase, develop test cases, test execution, verifying fixes, and test cycle closure. How can developers optimize the mobile app testing process while still meeting deadlines and customer satisfaction? 

Harnessing the latest in AI technology from OpenAI, SofySense solves this challenge by making the QA process simpler, providing you with advanced insights and analysis. SofySense is your assistant for all your QA needs. This powerful new feature allows you to focus on your overall testing strategy by receiving test results instantly and manual test cases intelligently, helping you eliminate app defects faster. The result? A dramatic increase in testing power.

Enhance your QA process by delivering critical test results to your team  

SofySense allows testers to ask Sofybot to summarize the QA progress of their current release, highlighting device coverage and surface failures that may have occurred during testing.  

A few examples of questions you can ask Sofybot: 

  1. What are some recent test results? 
  1. Share insights from device metrics 
  1. Why did my test fail? 
  1. Summarize my last test run 

The information generated by SofySense can guide testers to identify areas that need improvement and take the corrective actions necessary to ensure a successful release. 

Reduce the amount of time researching and receive generated test cases instantly  

SofySense also allows testers to select a test type. From there, Sofybot will generate a set of manual test steps that can be used to create a Manual Test. 

For example, testers can provide Sofybot with a link to their Confluence page or favorite documentation tool and ask Sofybot to generate test steps based on the information provided. This feature allows developers to ensure that their test cases cover all the necessary features and functionalities of their application. 

With Sofy’s existing feature of converting manual tests to automated tests with just one click, testers now have the ability to receive generated manual test cases created with the power of OpenAI’s large language models. Sofy users now have the best of both worlds: Automation and AI for their mobile app testing process.  

Get the answers to your questions when you need it with the support of an intelligent resource 

Do you ever go into a rabbit hole looking for answers to your testing questions? Well, you no longer need to spend hours researching and digging around for answers.  

Sofybot will effectively provide testers with the answers to their questions within seconds. Here are just a few examples of general testing questions you can ask: 

  1. What is security testing? 
  1. How do I improve my automated test? 
  1. Which devices are failing the most? 

SofySense saves you time from going back and forth in your research, giving you the answers you need, when you need them.

How it Works  

  1. To experience SofySense log into your account
    • From the Sofy dashboard, click on SofySense at the bottom of the menu tab from the left side 
      • From here you can ask Sofybot general testing questions and test results questions, or have it generate manual test cases by sharing a link to your favorite documentation tool.
      • You can also access Sofybot anywhere in the Sofy platform where you see the SofySense logo.

If you’re a current Sofy customer you can start experiencing SofySense by logging in today. Don’t have a Sofy account? Simply get a demo today to get started.