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10 Common Misconceptions About No-Code Solutions

In just the last few years, no-code solutions have grown exponentially. Originally able to serve a small role in the tech stack, a no-code solution can change the technical landscape of an organization. No-code solutions can be used to build responsive, full-stack web applications, manage complex business workflows, test mobile applications, and design sophisticated database […]

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Sofy Raises $7.75 Million in Seed Round to Grow No-Code Automation Platform for Mobile Applications

We’re very excited for Sofy’s next phase and to further empower developer productivity across the world.

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Where Were You in March 2020? Two Unpredictable Years, Three Huge Shifts

The past few years have been defined by rapid change. While some of these shifts have been expected, others have been entirely unpredictable. But what’s next?

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Sofy announces $7.75 million funding in Seed round led by Voyager Capital and others. Read more