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Building QA Strategy: When to Use Automation, No-Code, and Custom Solutions

Software testing is taking rapid strides towards innovation and is ceaselessly enhancing and progressing with the changing technological landscape. Likewise, the software testing market is expanding quickly. In such growing market, enterprises must choose the required tools, frameworks, and processes to optimize their software development lifecycles wisely. However, testing and verifying for the right software behavior is an undeniably difficult issue which the QA and engineering teams must manage. Since, for a […]

4 min read

Automatic Test Case Generation Using Machine Learning

Contributed by Rishav Dutta, Machine Learning Engineer here at Sofy. Rishav is a Computer Engineering graduate with a focus on Machine Learning and AI. He believes the next level of human potential will be unlocked using these technologies. Automatic Test Case Generation is the process of identifying and creating test cases for an application without the need for […]

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