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Sofy enabled the Innago dev team to run QA testing from CI/CD without a single line of code.

About Innago

Innago is a software suite designed to help property owners manage their property, assisting in streamlining operations with renters, utilities, building management, and service providers. The Innago app is a central place where users can access files, sign leases, manage listings, and assist tenants. Every day, hundreds of thousands of property owners use the Innago app on their Android and iOS devices to perform important tasks like online rental and lease collection, maintenance, security, and tenant support.

“Current market conditions have made staffing QA testers a major challenge. Meanwhile, the QA industry continues to evolve, and coding is becoming increasingly complex. Fortunately, Sofy’s no-code automation capabilities enable anyone on our team to run tests, and with Sofy our team can track the status of our releases by way of a single dashboard. Sofy provides us with the capability to test directly from our development pipeline, where we produce our releases on demand. In fact, we are now exploring using Sofy in our broader organization beyond Innago, and we look forward to Sofy’s new features.”

Utkarsh Saxena

PMO Manager, Innago


Property Management, Real Estate


Android, and iOS


September 2021




Device Lab, No-code automation


Ensuring that features like real-time communication, payments, and support ticket creation work smoothly on most common devices is extremely critical to the business of Innago. Before using Sofy, the team at Innago:

Required a solution that allows rapid automation without taking on too much engineering bandwidth (a classic startup challenge)

Wanted device coverage for customer locations

Faced bottlenecks with feature velocity (due to QA)

Could not hire both manual and automation QA engineers (a result of the tight software labor market)


Innago had to decide between hiring more personnel for QA or enabling the company’s devs to perform QA using the right tools. Being an AGILE team, Innago chose the latter. Innago operates in a fragmented market, and the company needed a solution that could automate over 90% of its use cases, greatly speeding up their release cycles. Sofy helped Innago:

Remove the bottleneck of engineering bandwidth

Access devices in customer locations where locations may be masked

Validate builds quickly and increase feature velocity at twice the speed

Surface bugs in development and remove DevOps friction


Sofy helped Innago get to market faster by providing the means to rapidly scale the company’s automation to cover more than 90% of test case coverage within a few days of signing up. Not only has Sofy helped improve Innago’s development and release velocity, the company has saved 84% of its former costs by using quality automation.


Cost savings

2 hours

Test time execution


Test runs performed


Manual hours saved

8 minutes

Average time to automate one test case

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