MeetKai removes the bottleneck of quality assurance testing using Sofy

About MeetKai

MeetKai is an AI-based voice assistant app, built to make life easier through conversation, personalization & curation. It helps users discover movies, TV shows, recipes, restaurants, and much more based on user preferences. MeetKai is also the first virtual assistant capable of understanding and remembering the context of users’ questions by having a deep understanding of what the user is actually saying. With their 1.0 version launched in May 2021, MeetKai is now available in 36 countries and 13 languages.

We are going through an exciting growth journey in not just our user count but also the countries and languages we support. As a startup it is very hard for us to manage testing across 36 countries, 13 languages, with dozens of potential result types that could come as a reply from a virtual assistant. Sofy has been phenomenal in making sure that new features and regions we add don’t break our old ones. Regression testing done with Sofy has been a game changer in our productivity and release velocity and most importantly our confidence we have when we submit each build. Sofy has been extremely responsive and helpful throughout our journey in migrating to their platform, but even without their help their tooling is streamlined enough to get going very quickly.

James Kaplan

Co-Founder & CEO, MeetKai

Consumer apps, Voice AI, Concierge

Android, iOS

Saving Time Since
April 2021

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Features Most Used

Device Lab,

No-code automation


10s of thousands of users across the globe use MeetKai as their phone’s virtual assistant and it is critical for the app to have a fast and accurate response, along with a kickass user experience. Since the team is quite lean and growing fast, they faced challenges within Quality Assurance of the engineering DevOps cycle:

  • Need for QA resources
  • Twice a week releases while keeping up as a startup
  • Dynamic Content Testing
  • Demand for cost effective solutions to test apps across multiple markets and languages without investing in purchasing all devices.


Being a lean team, MeetKai wanted a lean solution to start solving their problems without wasting time, cost effective solutions that scale well and value compounds over time.
The team got Sofy to help with:

  • End to end automated testing using the same resources for Manual Testing.
  • Quick testing and validation of apps without writing automation scripts.
  • Access to real devices for testing across all markets at a fraction of a cost.
  • Making QA testing part of their DevOps cycle by integrating it to development.


Sofy helped MeetKai keep up with the speed of their engineering releases by improving the speed of QA. The team got started with Device Lab and Manual Testing, and took less than a week to automate scenarios of the app using no-code automations. Now that Test Cases are setup, their engineering team simply triggers for testing new builds from their Dev cycle.

Test Use Cases
3 days
Time to Automate Once
2000 hours
Total Time Saved

Ready to get started with Sofy?

  • Access real devices from anywhere
  • Run manual & ad-hoc tests
  • No-code automation & robotic testing
  • Validate UI against industry standards
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