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TravelWifi was struggling with in-house physical device lab maintenance, integrations, and keep up with customer tickets. That’s where Sofy stepped in.

About the TravelWiFi

Whether you’re exploring a foreign country, or hotspoting in the corner conference room, TravelWifi makes connectivity stress-free by providing hotspots and eSims for compatible mobile devices. 

When it came to testing their mobile app, the experience was far from frictionless.

“TravelWifi was able to immediately test on Sofy’s Real Device cloud on countless devices and OS versions so they could recreate device-specific bugs. With this new ability TravelWifi was able to substantially reduce customer support tickets.”

Monica Gordillo

Cloud Engineer, TravelWifi


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As TravelWifi launched and scaled their mobile app, their testing strategy lagged behind. Passing around APK files internally, and testing on a subset of physical locally hosted devices  was time consuming. The worst part? Customers were even beginning to find bugs before the QA team.

Beyond relying only on ad-hoc live testing, TravelWifi had no integration with their deployment pipeline BitBucket Pipelines – an integrated CI/CD service built into Bitbucket Cloud – making end-to-end testing and critical bug fixes take days.


After comparing options, the team at TravelWifi ramped up quickly with Sofy. They were able to immediately start testing on Sofy’s Real Device cloud on countless devices and OS versions so they could recreate device-specific bugs.

TravelWifi was then able to use Sofy to quickly integrate with their CI/CD tool (BitBucket). By tagging test cases, they could prioritize important and critical test cases to save on build cost.

No-code automation testing for mobile apps


By removing the dependency on local physical devices, and integrating with their deployment pipeline, TravelWifi was able to substantially reduce the time it took to test and deploy. Customer support tickets decreased, and they’re back to reducing friction!

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