Exploratory Testing

Expand your Testing Horizons with Exploratory Testing

Sofy's machine learning creates, develops and executes exploratory tests for your website without the need for supervision

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Autonomous testing using AI that has human instincts

Validate performance, accessibility, SEO, and security audits

Schedule runs and validate every small code change

Release better websites with AI Enabled Exploratory Testing

Sofy's proprietary AI uses context to automatically map your website, run tests and reports issues to you. Take the guesswork out of exploratory testing and leave it on complete auto-pilot.

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Test on Hundreds of Browser and operating Systems

Run exploratory tests on any operating system and on any browser. Find vulnerabilities in your sites that would otherwise take an army of people to find.

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Improve website with intelligent insights

Sofy coalesces reports from all the runs on all browsers and operating systems and identifies the major issues so you can fix them with priority.

Run Automated Tests directly from your CI/CD pipeline

Save time shifting between different platforms and tools. Sofy can run your tests with a command directly from within your DevOps tools and create issues in your bug tracking system.

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