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Emulators vs Real Devices for QA testing

While creating mobile applications, developers need to assure that they appear great and function accurately with as few defects as possible. By testing your app in the simulated environment to replicate the real usage conditions, potential issues can be found and managed on the go. However, as the diversity in mobile devices is continuously increasing, testing has a crucial […]

What’s new in Android 12 and what should the developers expect

  Google I/O, the yearly developer conference of the organization, came back after the COVID-19 pandemic which was canceled last year. In this year’s I/O 2021 keynote, Google has launched the latest android version called ‘Android 12’.   Google upgrades the Android operating system with a full-scope hardware and software overhaul, a cornucopia of technology […]

Building your QA Strategy: When to use Coding Automation, No-Code, and Custom Solution

  Software testing is taking rapid strides towards innovation and is ceaselessly enhancing and progressing with the changing technological landscape. Likewise, the software testing market is expanding quickly.  In such growing market, enterprises must choose the required tools, frameworks, and processes to optimize their software development lifecycles wisely. However, testing and verifying for the right software behavior is an undeniably difficult issue which the QA and engineering teams must manage. Since, for […]

Automatic Test Case Generation Using Machine Learning

  This blog post is written by Rishav Dutta, Machine Learning Engineer here at Sofy. Rishav is a Computer Engineering graduate and is keen on exploring the alms of Machine Learning and AI. He believes the next level of human potential will be unlocked using these technologies.   Automatic Test Case Generation is the process of […]

Testing Open Source Components

This blog post is written by Ahmed Sajjad, our Software Quality Assurance Engineer here at Sofy. Ahmed is a Computer Engineering graduate and has a knack for exploring fields that combine the perfect blend of communication, tech, and the utilization of his creative energies. With all sorts of development on the rise in 2021 across […]

iOS 14.5 Privacy Updates and How it Impacts App Development

During the yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2020, Apple released a lot of changes in its operating system iOS14. While Apple reported that one of the major focal points of iOS 14 would be to improve user privacy, many app developers had a lot of questions in their minds that how the iOS […]

A Step by Step Guide to UI Automation Testing

The availability of rapid dev tools has drastically improved the speed of development and that has in-turn led to even faster evolving business needs for development, having a fly-wheel effect. While most organizations are trying to have a Continuous Development pipeline and striving hard to be AGILE with their development, true AGILE is impossible to achieve without being equally fast and responsive with QA Testing. […]

5 Reasons Users Are Abandoning Your App And How To Fix Them?

Building mobile apps is hard, building mobile apps which customers love is harder, and building mobile apps which customers don’t abandon is the hardest. While your apps core proposition might be very strong and it might be solving a pain point which no one else is, but if your android or iOS app doesn’t meet or exceed the industry standards for UX and performance, those customers are going […]

Why Your QA Team Will Love AI and Machine Learning

A lot has changed in the field of software development over the past several decades. We have gone from writing code in machine language to sophisticated programming languages to nocode (LCNC) development, from waterfall to agile methodology, from silos to DevOps, from proprietary APIs to connected APIs, etc. However, we are yet to see the […]

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