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How to Reduce Your Mobile App Testing Budget

Mobile app testing teams may be asked to do more with less resources; but how? Read on to learn how to reduce your mobile app testing budget.

In the ever-evolving world of mobile applications, testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality and user-friendly apps. However, for many teams, costs associated with mobile app testing have become a significant concern. With an increasing number of feature releases, devices to manage, operating systems, and user scenarios to consider, the testing process can quickly escalate expenses. This in turn puts a strain on the overall app development budget. In this article, we delve into common ways deescalate budget stressors. We also explore practical strategies to optimize testing processes without compromising app quality. By implementing these cost-saving approaches, organizations can ensure efficient and effective testing while reducing their budgets.

Common Mobile App Testing Budget Strains and How to Solve Them

Device Management

One of the largest up-front strains on mobile app testing budgets is often device management. With new devices ranging from hundreds to over a thousand USD per purchase, ensuring device coverage for even basic testing can add up fast. On top of that, device labs require extra staffing and expertise to manage and large amounts of time to set up and maintain. Time that could be better spent fixing issues and helping improve the customer experience more directly.

Simulators and emulators offer a tempting solution for organizations that are unable or uninterested in hosting their own device labs. But this option comes at the cost of ignoring real-world usage and is hardly optimal.

The solution? Outsource your testing to trusted cloud device labs. Renting time on device labs accessible via the cloud offers the best of both worlds. And fortunately, only when you need it. With this option you’ll be able to bypass the intense costs and time associated with purchasing and maintaining devices without sacrificing any quality.

Mobile App Testing

Manual vs. Automation Tests

Another issue that commonly causes budget strain in mobile app testing is the use of manual testing processes. Unlike physical devices, this budget stressor comes from absorbing large amounts of time that could be spent far more effectively elsewhere. This type of testing also requires a lot of time for planning and infrastructure setup, writing test cases, and executing them. It’s comparatively expensive and because it utilizes human hours, there is always a chance of user errors.

The answer is clear: automating your tests instead saves time and thus money. Test automations are able to move through an inhuman amount of user scenarios with inhuman accuracy. In a high-performing testing tool, these can include both functional and non-functional tests which is simply not possible with manual testing. When QA teams no longer need to focus on the labor-intensive process of manual testing their time is free to do work more efficiently overall.

Automation and No-Code: maximum ease and efficiency

A natural extension of automation is the use of no-code automation tools. By this we mean replacing traditional coding with user-friendly visual interfaces. With this option all members of the QA team are effectively able to “write” tests with drag and drop features. This additional layer of abstraction eliminates the learning curve for new testers. Further more it increases efficiency with no additional cost or downside.

Reporting Tools and AI: let ML do the heavy lifting

Thoughtfully integrating AI to alleviate busywork can also reduce testing budgets by speeding up test cycle time. Current applications of AI in the mobile app testing world include the use of OpenAI to provide insights and analysis as part of reporting tools. Effective AI tools are able to generate insights from all testing activity. These can range from answering questions ranging from very basic concepts to inquiries about specific test results.  

Sofy is here to help

When it comes to implementing these budget-saving strategies, choosing an effective tool is key. Sofy is here to help. Our no-code automation platform paired with our cloud device lab alleviates time and finances normally spent on managing devices and hiring specialists to write code. By switching to these highly effective offerings your team will be able to work more quickly and accurately. All without undo extra costs. Get a demo with Sofy to see how we can help.