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Strategies to Increase Mobile App Testing Efficiency

By leveraging these strategies and industry trends for improving testing efficiency, your mobile app can excel in a crowded market

Mobile App Development: A Crowded Market

A shocking 8.93 million mobile apps have been created with a projected revenue of $756 billion by 2027. But how do you stand out amongst a tight market? Users are increasingly dependent on mobile apps, from starting their day with an alarm clock to ending it with meditation apps. With such a glutted app market, users are free to delete those that work imperfectly and move on to whatever is next. So how do you stay ahead of the curve? Increasing your app testing strategy’s efficiency is one notable way. By improving workflows, streamlining reporting tools, and leveraging technology trends you can radically reduce test time. In turn your organization can focus on creating a stellar product. This article will go over basic concepts to remove unnecessary busy work and increase time spent actively solving problems.

Test Case Prioritization

Generally speaking, most apps have key user flows that define their product’s usage. An obvious example is if your app is eCommerce based, you surely have a checkout button. By defining key user flows and critical functionalities like these.  right out the gate you’ll save time on both testing itself and deciding which reporting tools serve you best.

We would even suggest going one step farther.  Choosing a tool that combines both functional and non-functional testing results in a streamlined system, saving time and energy for your QA team.  By leveraging existing services that combine a previous multitude of unrelated reporting tools, your organization will reduce the time spent collating and interpreting results. This improvement will provide far more opportunities for overall efficiency.

Leveraging AI

Love it or hate it, artificial intelligence and machine learning are here to stay. Ideally this can be seen as an opportunity to outsource yet more busywork. This can then allow engineers time to focus on more pressing priorities. Similar to the theme above, we highly recommend choosing a testing tool that leverages AI to help compile and interpret test results. By utilizing OpenAI in a single tool testers can now cut down on large amounts of time spent on routine data analysis. This efficiency gain is especially true when compared to the large amounts of tools often needed to get reports on disparate types of tests.

Lean into Test Automation

One of the most immediate gains in time savings can be found by transitioning from manual testing to automation testing. We’ve seen this reduce time spent on testing from a matter of days to literal hours in practice. This doesn’t mean you need to abandon your current manual tests, they can be easily converted into automations and run at a far greater speed and with improved accuracy.

Embrace scriptless automation

We also strongly recommend pairing automation with a no-code tool. Leveraging user-friendly graphic user interfaces instead of direct code increases efficiency in a few different ways. Firstly, it speeds up testing cycles even more and pairs perfectly with the already-abstracted process of automation. With scriptless testing even non-specialists can set up a test in a matter of minutes. Secondly, because the heavy lifting is now done by the tool itself, tests have greater accuracy when carried out in highly replicable ways. Combining the benefits of easy-to-use drag-and-drop systems with automation is able to offer a double advantage when it comes to efficient use of a testing team’s time.

Consider Cloud Device Labs

Outsourcing testing to cloud device labs promotes several efficiencies at once. By utilizing existing device labs instead of building your own you’ll increase your financial advantage by omitting constant budget line items as new devices come out. You’ll also remove the ample amounts of time spent setting up and maintaining each new device with a specialist. Because cloud device labs can be accessed at any time, anywhere you’ll also have easy opportunities to test at any time without the intervention of a specialist. In fact, you can even start working with a trusted cloud device lab right now by starting a free trial.

In Summary:

  • Prioritize the most common user journeys
  • Integrate AI to reduce busywork
  • Automate, automate, automate!
  • Pair your automations with no-code tools
  • Outsource testing to cloud device labs

By leveraging these many strategies for efficiency your organization can increase productivity at each step of the testing process to create amazing, competitive app experiences. Key to each step is choosing the correct tool to support your strategy; that’s where Sofy comes in.  Let Sofy do the heavy lifting with scriptless automation system and real device lab supported by a natural language AI reporting tool. Get a demo with Sofy today to get started.