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How Sofy Tests Android Apps: A Quick Look

Since the advent of mobile applications, companies across the globe have spent countless hours trying to find the most effective means of quality testing, placing great resources into attempting to shift left. The reason? For any given mobile app, the difference between success and failure is often determined by how successful the developers have been […]

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Choosing the Right Mobile App Testing Platform: Which is Best for You?

With hundreds of QA tools out there today, which one should you pick for your needs? Read our guide on how to evaluate different platforms.

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Introducing Templates in Sofy: Reuse & Maintain Test Cases without Scripts or Recordings

Taking a step further than no-code with no-code. Templates which enable you to reuse and maintain test cases. Never write testing scripts again.

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API Testing: Validate APIs and Run Backend Testing Using No-Code Automation

Validate APIs for your Android apps and iOS apps, and execute backend testing without writing a single line of scripts. Join the no-code revolution!

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Edit Test Cases in Sofy: Say Goodbye to QA Automation Scripting & Maintenance

Here’s another reason to switch to no-code. Introducing the ability to edit test cases on Sofy, the number one no-code quality automation platform.

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5 Reasons Users Are Abandoning Your App

Building mobile apps is hard, building mobile apps which customers love is harder, and building mobile apps which customers don’t abandon is the hardest.

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Sofy announces $7.75 million funding in seed round led by Voyager Capital and others. Read more