4 min read

Introducing Templates in Sofy: Reuse & Maintain Test Cases without Scripts or Recordings

Taking a step further than no-code with no-code. Templates which enable you to reuse and maintain test cases. Never write testing scripts again.

4 min read

API Testing: Validate APIs and Run Backend Testing Using No-Code Automation

Validate APIs for your Android apps and iOS apps, and execute backend testing without writing a single line of scripts. Join the no-code revolution!

4 min read

Edit Test Cases in Sofy: Say Goodbye to QA Automation Scripting & Maintenance

Here’s another reason to switch to no-code. Introducing the ability to edit test cases on Sofy, the number one no-code quality automation platform.

4 min read

A Step-by-Step Guide to UI Automation Testing

Learn the best practices to move towards UI Automation Testing for your mobile apps or websites.

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