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Engineering Management, No-Code Automation, and the Problem of Time

Time is our most important resource, and it's nonrenewable. Engineering management knows that it's crucial to make the most of it.

What does the rising of the sun, the tick-tick-ticking of your nearest wall clock, and the glow of your phone lock screen have in common? They’re all constant reminders of the omnipresence of time, each confirming that time is unquestionably a core element of modern life in all that we do, however and whenever we may do it. Time is not only a measurement around which we shape our lives, but it is also our single most important resource, and undoubtedly one we wish we all had more of.

Seasoned engineering managers are keenly aware of the central importance of time: Common development tasks such as testing, debugging, and troubleshooting require a major and consistent investment in time. Yet time can be fickle. Far too commonly, project milestones come and go, days turn to weeks, and weeks transform into months. All the while, a project grows further and further from completion, inching ever closer to a deadline. Never is the need for time more apparent than when there seems to be far too little of it.

A nonrenewable resource

While time is without a doubt a nonrenewable resource—we always seem to have less of it—what really matters is what we do with it. One way to ensure that this resource remains as plentiful as possible for your team is by developing an internal culture that ensures that everyday processes embrace a focus on efficiency at every turn, while means eliminating redundancy and unnecessary tasks wherever and whenever possible.

A crucial component of developing a time-efficient foundation is to outline and identify areas for improvement in your team’s workflow or production schedule, focused in particular on bottlenecks and other time sinks. This is where modern solutions to old problems, such as no-code software, work wonders.

Give yourself time

No-code software takes the bite out of what would otherwise be a manual, time-consuming task, such as QA testing, and allows project team members to spend more time on other efforts, such as preparing for the unexpected and reinvesting that time where a little more of it could go a long way.

We’ve built Sofy for exactly this purpose: Sofy’s no-code test automation platform assists in ensuring that your team maximizes—for example—testing efficiency, allowing you and your team to redistribute that time elsewhere.

As a few sample cases, to date Sofy has worked wonders with helping smash bottlenecks for MeetKai, assisting CoinMe cut down time spent on testing cycles from three days to two hours, and ensuring that the Microsoft Office team reduced time spent on mobile app testing down from five days to four hours. Sofy’s AI testing tools allow teams to spend a lot less time testing, and a lot more time making room for everything else, keeping your project on schedule and your workflow optimized.