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The Sofy team brings you the best in tips, tricks, and ideas on topics such as quality assurance, DevOps automation, and no-code testing.

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Choosing the right methodology and tools is paramount to any software’s success. Waterfall and Agile, two distinct project management approaches, stand at the forefront of this decision-making process. Each offers unique advantages and challenges that significantly impact mobile app testing. In this article, we explore the fundamental differences between Waterfall and Agile methodologies. We’ll […]
Written By Oryx Fairbanks
In the realm of mobile app development, the quest for excellent user experience is unceasing. With millions of apps vying for attention in app stores, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. Enter the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where innovation meets necessity in a way that’s transforming […]
Written By Oryx Fairbanks
In the fast-paced world of mobile app testing and automation, a revolutionary concept has been gaining prominence – scriptless automation. This newer approach represents a significant departure from traditional code-based methods. It aims to simplify the world of automation testing. But what exactly is scriptless automation, and how does it work? In this article, […]
Written By Oryx Fairbanks
In the ever-evolving realm of mobile app testing, time is a precious resource. The ability to launch your app faster can make all the difference in staying competitive and meeting the needs of your users. Yet, the rigorous process of mobile app testing often extends timelines. However, in this article, we unveil the keys […]
Written By Oryx Fairbanks
In our fast-changing tech world, mobile apps have smoothly become part of our daily lives, driving innovation across industries. With the mobile app industry booming, meticulous mobile app testing is now more crucial than ever. Mobile apps need to be tested on a variety of software and hardware platforms and under different network connectivity […]
Written By Jessica Holman
Today’s Mobile Apps: Flawless User Experience is Key In the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile app development, ensuring a seamless user experience has become a non-negotiable imperative. Today’s customers increasingly rely on mobile applications for various aspects of their lives. Meanwhile the pressure to deliver flawlessness has never been higher. Yet, the path to […]
Written By Oryx Fairbanks
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