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Appium and Espresso are two of the most popular open-source mobile testing frameworks used to write and automate User Interface (UI) test cases. But when pitted against each other—Appium vs Espresso—which one should you choose? If you’re on the fence about one or the other, this guide is for you. What is Appium? Appium […]
Written By Grant Ongstad
Looking for a way to run iOS apps on an Android device? Considering running iOS emulators on Android devices?  You can’t. At least, not without an emulator. And even then, it’s more challenging than not. So let’s discuss the issue of iOS emulators for Android. Despite shrinking in total market share, Android still dominates […]
Written By Grant Ongstad
Every mobile app testing team benefits from using a CI/CD checklist. The intertwined concepts of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) have paved the way for faster, more efficient mobile app development and optimization techniques. Both CI and CD facilitate streamlined testing, coding, deployment, and other improvements, thereby enabling DevOps teams to better […]
Written By Sarah Harris