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The State of Retail & E-Commerce: Trends, Problems, and Solutions in 2021

Retail & E-commerce is the first industry to shift and innovate for the consumers. Learn more on the current trends, problems, and solutions in the industry.

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Top Fintech & Mobile First Trends Shaping the Future of Finance

Consumer & personal finance is changing rapidly. Mobile is the most important strategy to acquire, engage, and retain customers.

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New and Improved Test Reporting in Sofy

A great test report is key to a great product! Learn how Sofy automatically takes care of your reporting so you focus on dev.

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Now upload and share app builds directly from Bitrise CI/CD into Sofy

A robust CI/CD is core for swift mobile app engineering operations today. Sofy wants to ensure sharing builds with team should be easy and automatic.

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Emulators versus Real Devices for QA testing: What’s Best for Me?

With the plethora of mobile devices in the market, what strategy should developers adopt to test their mobile apps? Should you use emulators or real devices?

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iOS 14.5 Privacy Updates and How They Impact App Development

Changes coming to iOS 14.5, how it affects users, app development companies and what can app developers do to ensure least impact.

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Sofy announces $7.75 million funding in Seed round led by Voyager Capital and others. Read more