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Emulator vs. Simulator: What’s the Difference?

Mobile device emulators and simulators are commonly encountered tools in contemporary mobile testing and, in fact, development in general. They operate in a virtual environment, making them cheaper and more convenient than setting up a real device lab. While we’ve covered the topic of emulators versus real devices on the Sofy Blog in the past, […]

4 min read

Mobile App Testing Devices: Emulators/Simulators or Physical Devices?

What’s the difference between emulators, simulators, and physical devices? What are the pros and cons of each? What’s best for your team?

4 min read

Emulators versus Real Devices for QA testing: What’s Best for Me?

With the plethora of mobile devices in the market, what strategy should developers adopt to test their mobile apps? Should you use emulators or real devices?

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